Cars Collector

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sawyer was introduced to the Disney Pixar movie, Cars, after his second birthday. In fact, I remember the event quite well; we were traveling to Minnesota for spring break in an airplane. The twins were just three months old and Sawyer had just turned two. In preparing for the trip, I had purchased the DVD hoping the flight would be a bit easier with a new movie to watch.

Sawyer enjoyed watching the movie in-flight to nane and papa's, while his twin brothers slept through their first plane ride; but, I honestly think he was more excited to be flying on an airplane, again. As time went by though, Sawyer become more and more interested in the movie and all the characters, so the collecting began.

In the beginning, Sawyer only was interested in the Lightening McQueen and Mater die-cast cars. Then, our collection of die-cast cars was kicked into high-gear when Sawyer embarked on potty training last summer. Nothing was more motivating to him than a new die-cast car of one of the characters from Cars. I can also say that I was finding enjoyment in the "hunt" of die-cast cars that we did not already own. (I can still remember finding our first Sally at a Wal-Mart while on vacation in Springfield, MO last summer. She had been elusive to me for many weeks, so I remember being almost as excited as Sawyer when we found her on the shelf!)

The collection has grown (dada's last count was around sixty!), although there are still a few that Sawyer reminds me that he would still like to add: Bessie, Boost, Wingo, and Snot Rod. Our collecting is about to be reenergized with the release of Cars2 on June 24th.

About a two months ago the stores started to "clearance" the first movie die-cast cars. Now, the space on the shelves has been replaced with the new characters from Cars2. Sawyer was most excited when I brought him home the "new" Lightening McQueen.

The difference this time around with the collecting is that the twinkies want in on the action, too! Being the little brothers, they have already been introduced to the movie and die-cast cars. They become just as excited, as big brother, to open the package containing a new die-cast car. Although, Finn is a bit more excited than Jack about all the Cars commotion, which is evident in the following pictures.

I need to position him just so on this pillow. This car has the same name as me!

Watch him go! He goes so fast! Zoom, zoom!

Nothing makes me happier than playing cars with my brothers!

The collecting will continue this summer. I wonder how many we will add to our collection?!