Just Beachy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last weekend we packed our bags (not as many as you might think!) and headed to Galveston beach with some friends. The condo we stayed at had amazing beach views for the boys; just look at the picture below taken from our balcony! The boys loved crossing "the bridge" to get to the sand and waves each day.
Our first night in the condo (well, actually both nights!) Finn did not sleep very well. He spiked a fever in the middle of the first night, but was icy cold by morning. In fact, he slept so late that I had to wake him up, so he could get some breakfast. I really do not think the picture below truly captured his "hangover" look this particular morning. Upon some mama investigating, the likely culprit of all his misery were his canine teeth. They were the worst for Sawyer in his teething days and this seems to be true for the twinkies, as well, especially Finn.
All the boys got to try some surfing with their dada. I do not think any of them would describe this event as their favorite beach experience, but they all have plenty of time to develop their water sporting skills.

Sawyer got to go out first with dada. He was holding on tight in this picture!

And here he is anxious to get back on shore!

I love this picture; dada is all smiles and Jack is screaming!

And last, but not least; Finn!

Again, dada was enjoying the adventure, but his little boys were not too excited. Next time, dada!

Besides playing and building with the sand, the boys loved flying their Lightening McQueen kite.

Finn gave kite flying a try, but due to the poor construction of the kite, he did not have much luck. He could have cared less, though!

The day we had to head back to Austin, we left after lunch, hoping the boys would sleep most of the drive back to Austin. Our JackMan was so tired, that after lunch he had barely climbed up onto the couch before crashing into sleep. Needless to say, all the boys slept most of the drive home to Austin.
We had such a great time and only wished we had stayed longer! Next time!